Why the newspaper?

Why the Newspaper? Because the habit of reading the newspaper provides the necessary practice to build reading and writing skills while developing an interest in the welfare of one’s community — valuable skills and attitudes to carry students through life.

A recent study of NIE’s effectiveness commissioned by the NAA Foundation shows that using newspapers to teach works, especially in regard to at-risk students and in closing the achievement gap.

Data suggests that having an NIE program for at least some classrooms at a school will increase the school’s overall performance, on average, by about 10 percent. The effects of NIE programs, other things equal, are substantially greater for schools in which most of the students either identify as belonging to a minority or qualify for free or reduced lunch. In middle schools where virtually all of the students met those criteria, the students in schools with significant NIE programs scored on average nearly 30 percent higher than those in schools without NIE.

NIE programs also work especially well for students from non-English speaking households.

100 Ways to Use the Newspaper

Media Literacy Activities

Subject Matter Projects


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