February Activities

  • “From Seneca Falls to the Polling Booth” – An 8‐chapter non‐fiction study is an eight‐part history of the women’s suffrage movement, beginning with the landmark convention in Seneca Falls and leading to the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the first national elections in which women were permitted to vote. “From Seneca Falls to the Polling Booth” is a non‐fictional history of the women’s suffrage movement, including not only the story of that movement itself but of the other changes in society and how they influenced the strategies and actions of those who sought the vote for women. Besides the familiar names of suffragists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the series will cover how abolitionists like Sojourner Truth, labor leaders like Rose Schneiderman and social activists like Jane Addams lent their talents and energies to the suffrage movement, and it will examine how efforts to free the slaves, improve the lives of the working poor and extend the right to vote to women were all part of the job of extending true citizenship to all Americans. This serial story will begin with Chapters 1-4 in January and continue in to February with additional chapters being added to the NIE website next month. In addition to the story we are offering a teaching guide with graphic organizers, and a virtual “Meet the Author”/discussion blog. Students are encouraged to ask questions and post comments after reading each chapter. The blog will be monitored and each posting will be approved before it appears on the site. Teachers interested in setting up a live interactive videocast should contact the author, Mike Peterson at author@teachup.com to arrange the details.

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